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Ms G – Actress (London)

"Because my work and income were inconsistent I had been living off my credit cards and when I found myself in the position where I could no longer pay the monthly amounts I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. Recommended by a friend I called Midland Debt Solutions and they were so helpful and approachable and always there to answer any questions I had. I am now debt free and am rebuilding my new life."

How We Work – a wide range of Debt Solutions

Your own Personal Debt Advisor

Most of our contact with you is on a face to face basis. We will visit you wherever is convenient and discuss your financial and debt circumstances in full confidence. We complete a ‘Fact Find’ questionnaire, discuss the options and your preferences, the time it is likely to take to become ‘Debt Free’ and the costs.

Your own Personal Debt Solution

We then work out with you the best way forward which could be a number of different debt solutions depending on your personal circumstances. We then manage the solution for you so that you will become debt free. We regularly review your situation as your circumstances may or may not have changed! (i.e. you could be back in work, your business could now be doing better or your income may have improved).

Your own Debt Solutions ‘Road Map’ to Debt Freedom

We then deliver your debt solution with the express aim of gaining acceptance from your creditors for a mutually acceptable plan to be put in place in order to keep away the pressure from you and your family, deliver a process that will over time enable you to become debt free, and be able to rebuild your lives and credit rating for the future. For Personal Debt solutions we charge a monthly management fee and we do NOT charge an up front fee. (excludes Bankruptcy).